Summer/Fall Bible Doctrine Series

Summer/Fall Bible Doctrine Series

Bible Doctrine Series Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

As we prepare to celebrate 500 years of Lutheranism, we will review the Biblical doctrines on which the Reformers of the 16th century stood. Our worship services and Bible classes will work together to share these teachings on which our Lutheran heritage was built and continues to stand today 500 years later.

26: Original Sin

2: God’s Plan of Salvation (Part 1)
9: God’s Plan of Salvation (Part 2)
16: The Proof of Our Salvation
23: God’s Gift of Faith
30: The Means of Grace–God’s Word

6: The Means of Grace–Baptism
13: The Means of Grace–The Lord’s Supper
20: End Times
27: Only One Way to Heaven

3: The Christian Home
10: The Christian in Society
17: The Christian Congregation
24: Christian Prayer

1: God’s Preservation
8: The Church and the church
15: Stewardship
22: Evangelism
29: Reformation 500 Celebration!

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